cl-bodge is a cross-platform Common Lisp application framework tailored for game development needs. It unites diverse libraries and OS facilities under a single consistent interface and, consequently, smoothes interoperability across different subsystems: resource handling, graphics, audio, physics, GUI and many other aspects of an application or, ultimately, a game.

cl-bodge is highly modular and extensible. It is split into several subsystems and you are free to use only what is required for your particular needs or you can write a subsystem yourself!

  1. Requirements
  2. Installation
  3. Documentation
  4. Related Projects
  5. Sources
  6. Support



Via Quicklisp

;; add cl-bodge distribution into quicklisp
(ql-dist:install-dist "" :replace t :prompt nil)

;; load cl-bodge demo
(ql:quickload :bodge-demo)

;; start the demo


  1. Overview


GitHub repository: cl-bodge

Substantially simplified interface to cl-bodge for quick introduction into gamedev with Common Lisp


cl-bodge is an experimental one-man project so far - things could break. And if they do, feel free to contact me via email or find me and awesome #lispgames community chatting in #lispgames channel at irc://